Any route to straighten teeth minus braces or surgery?

I had braces when I be younger, and my teeth turned out great. Now my wisdom teeth come in the rear and screwed them all up again... Are here any nightly worn retainers that straighten em out?? Thanks.

Try Invisalign, you dont even notice them and you could probably only wear them at nights, and when you at home.
retainers that slowly form your teeth hindmost. ask youe dentist or orthodotist
why not see a dentist for a consultation and get a couple free professional opinion. i doubt anyone on yahoo is going to be able to contribute you the right answer / without seeing your mouth / x rays, etc.
grasp your wisdom teeth pulled, consequently ask the dentist about a retainer. I'm surprised the orthodontist didnt' remove them previously he put on your braces, most of them do.
My mom had these plastic inserts that look close to mouth guards. They had to be changed every so commonly as her teeth moved but it prevented her from having "brace face". She did wear them adjectives the time except when eating. You enjoy to be diligent about keeping them within and getting the new ones but her teeth look fantastic and she have VERY bad alignment prior. I don't talk about what they are called but most orthodontists should know in the region of them. Good luck.
invisaline...ask your dentist about them.

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