How do you take home homemade toothpaste?

Use store bought toothpaste with sodium flouride. Without fluoride your teeth will rot.
WHY? Anything homemade would be too rough for your teeth, plus you have to own fluoride in it.
why do you have need of home made tooth paste for?
you necessitate something with flouride within it...
otherwise back surrounded by the day my grandparents with the sole purpose brushed there teeth near water.
it apparently worked for them...
Since I enjoy several tumors, I have consulted several doctors about the adjectives origins of what ever creates my tumors.
I met one doctor, who is a researcher of these subjects, and his statements were"that the tumors start in the mouth"! The "tooth paste" I use be his evaluation, and yes he uses this, as does all his children !!
Reference store bought tooth blend. LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS! Propylene Glycol ( now read the ingredient within your cars anti-freeze and the instructions about NOT getting this onto your skin, and if ingested, quickly get to a hospital as this is a stony poison and cancer causing substance!), Glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate, same piece !!
" They can't do this", "Why would any company put harmfull chemicals into our H.B.A.and food supply" ?? Simple research reveals that the H.B.A. producing companies are controled by the BIG pharmasutical companies, and CANCER TREATMENT DRUGS MAKE THEM BILLIONS- BILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR ! Tooth paste, shampoo, tub soap, etc. is chicken feed!!
Hydrogen peroxide is safe and sound ( dont swallow too much, as it will cause you to fart a lot) and so is bicarb.
Uncle Wil

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