Are amalgam filling within teeth like as mercury ? If so - are they other silver ?

Amalgam fillings contain mercury. The full cross is : silver amalgams, so yes, they are always silver. You can return with them replaced with plastic or porcelan filling, but you will have to foot because it is considered cosmetic in every state except CA (where they don't use silver amalgam fillings). I get mine done a few years ago. It is also important that the personage you get to do it, understand that they are removing something potentially dangerous from your skull and prepares your body for that and bestow you proper protection during the procedure (not allowing you to swallow pieces of the amalgam removed). My dentist gave me Selenium to hold for a few weeks before he took the filling out.
Amalgam is a mixture of silver and mercury (and, apparently, a bit of copper).
yes. they are made of 50% mercury, and then the other 50% are split between copper, tin, and zinc

they are totally hazardous and i wouldnt reccomend them to anyone. i would reccomend gettting the porcelain fillings.

and yes theyre other silver if u get the almagam
I notably doubt that there is much mercury within these fillings. I don't see how it would be possible considering mercury is soft at room temperature.

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