Braces problem?

Hi I just get my braces and I had to procure "speed bumps" on my back bottom teeth because of my over bite. I'll cut to the chase....... I can't get through! They prevent me from chewing my food and I don't know what to do. (If you don't know what speed bumps are they are little clumps of cement put on my back two teeth preventing me to bite my brackets.)
Please share me what I should do I am worried will I have to live on soup until my teeth start to straighted?

Well present it a week or so and you will be fine trust me your teeth are getting adjusted still! I own to get braces for 6 months surrounded by august not looking forward to that and i had a retainer back but honestly thats it my teeth are pretty straight and i brush them alot wiht whitening so they sparkle lol just kid but there is alot of stuff you can guzzle here is some ideas:

1 chicken noodle
2 clam chowder
3 tomato
4 vegetable
5 home made soup

Here is a smoothie recipe

1) Pineapple pleasure

2 cups milk
2 bananas, frozen and chunked
6 pineapple rings
1 tablespoon honey
In a blender combine milk, frozen bananas, pineapple and honey. Blend until smooth.

And here is a shake:
1 (16 ounce) package fresh strawberries, hulled
2 bananas, peel and sliced
3 cups ice cubes
1 (16 ounce) container plain low-fat yogurt
Blend strawberries, bananas, partly of the ice cubes, and yogurt surrounded by a blender on high until smooth. Add the remaining rime and blend further until smooth again. Serve immediately.

See you can also own stuff like spaghetti and ya..
I really hope I help

Christina xoxo
I had one of those! Um when i be younger. Eat things like Mashed Potatoes and pudding and stuff until if moves so you can chew. Sorry!

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