3 days after getting sense teeth pulled should you still be within spasm and not be capable of guzzle anything?

I still hurt and cannot chew anything. And every time I eat anything I be aware of like nearby is food stuck in the holes but at hand isnt because when I swish with saline water zilch comes out.

I just have mine out as an adult a few months ago. I be sore a few days afterwards too, but it was mostly my other teeth shifting wager on into place that hurt the most. So, my whole mouth hurt. I don't consider I ate anything solid for about 5 days, (other than mash potatoes, mac and cheese, etc). Just stick with it. It'll be better soon. Don't swish too tricky with the saline water any.
That sounds somewhat normal, but everyone is different. Try--really try, to devour something. It will feel strange for a week or so and next it will feel better.

Don't shift that long without ingestion something. Pudding works well.
i have mine done on christmas break and i couldnt eat for 2 weeks! adjectives those cookies and treats i couldnt chew! lol its normal and yes those holes can catch annoying, everyday gets better and better, try to chew next to your front teeth..it's hard but possible.
Three days is not a long time after sugery. One point you really have to take heed with is a "dry socket" (where the clot acutally comes out). I get one after I had my teachings teeth cut out. IYou will know you have one they hurt resembling hell , also had to use a sea pick to get any food out of the holes.
"cannot chew anything"" dr said munch through soft foods not chew foods!! if yu eat soft foods yu shouldnt own anything in holes?swish and rinse dont suck,get through soft foods and yu will survive!!3rd day is usually the worse close to when yu have any surgery, misery should be lessening bit by bit? are yu taking tylenol?the more yu move yur jaws the better it will be?dont be timid just careful!

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