Is it possible to for a chipped tooth to treat by its self or can you tender me any direction on what to do?

a tooth can not heal itself. If it is chipped or broken it will not grow rear. See a dentist soon.
A tooth will not repair itself. You'll have to see a dentist and take a cap or crown for it. Sorry.
I have a chipped tooth a couple of year ago. It does not heal by itself. You obligation to see your dentist ASAP and get it full up immediately.
It won't grow stern. You will need to call on a dentist to have it filled/capped. If it is a small chip, it is possible that, over time, it will wear down dwindle noticeable, but it won't grow rear legs in by itself.
Once a tooth have been broken or cracked, the tooth will not know how to heal itself. If the chip is obvious you will want to be seen by a dentist to discuss treatment option which include a composite filling if the chip is small, or if the chip is big you would need a trilby or crown.

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