Any good ideas for a teeth soda, gum diet?

i drink about 2 sodas a day. i want to get only a couple a week. I drink lemonade and try to stay away from acid. but lemonade and those drinks have tons of sygar in them. I have decent teeth i wear a head gear 12 hours and day and night. what is a good way to diet soda and lemonade and get a non sugary and acid drink. any suggestions?

I would recommend 3 or 4 glass of milk per day. The milk could be low fat or 2%. You need that to make sure your body has enough calicum. If you are low on calicum your body will leach it from your teeth.

Then you need to drink another 3 or 4 glasses of plain water.

Soft drinks of any kind are not good for your health or your teeth. Save lemonade for special occassions. Lemons are very acidic.

There are some herb teas that are not so acidic; some come in sampler boxes so you can try several.

The best suggestion I can give is to develop a taste for water; if you get your teeth staightened and they are full of cavities you are not much ahead.

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