Anbesol... canker sore?

I recently get Anbesol for my canker sores and the directions are a bit confusing. Do I apply it on the sore and keep it near, do I rinse it out, is it ok to swallow?

Yeah you apply it and leave it on. You don't call for too much though, just ample to cover it. You're gonna ingest a little bit of it no situation what but just don't be close to squirting down your throat.
You can simply put the Ambesol on the sore and make sure to maintain most of it on there for the maximum effect. Don't rinse out. It's ok to swallow.
you in recent times put it on the sore, swallowing it may not be too healthy. A trick that works better and is cheaper is putting a pinch of brackish on the sore. It burns like hell, but it get the job done.
Just apply it to the sore and walk out it alone.

While it's not a good notion to swallow anything like that it's not resembling you are squirting it down your throat.
I think that KANKA works better than might want to try it's made specifically for canker sores. Numbs and heal.
It's fine to swallow, though, admittedly... kinda tastes resembling crap.

Just apply, and let it work.

Another moral remedy --> Zinc Lozenges.
Just let one dissolve ON the sore.
It won,t hurt you.go it on.But if you want to get rid of it~clean beside alcohol first when you wash your obverse AM/PM then brush teeth,Rinse With "Listorine"mouth rinse out.Then Put pure mouth wash on the canker sore,afterwards apply "Campho Phenec"[it doesn,t smell great but will stop pain/kill germs..
Then buy some "L-Lysiene" vitamins I think they are if truth be told minerals but what ever they are These 3 steps WILL get rid of cankers and several other problems that effect the mouth
Why not try this 100% percent side-effect-free natural treatment at to hold that canker sore out of your life! Really, it works effectively! Try and see the big difference!

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