How much does it cost to own prudence teeth removed?

I still have my top knowledge teeth (one has grown within and the other seems to be starting to grow out of the side of my gum {impacted?}). Approx. how much will it cost me to hold them removed without insurance? I live within Ohio, if that helps.

I'm also going to check beside my health insurance to see if they will cover anything.

i purely got adjectives 4 of mine removed, one of which was already breaking through the gums. it depends if any of them are still impacted contained by the bone, because that makes it cost more. for me to return with all 4 of mine removed it be about 1300, that covered the prescription and everything too
oral surgons usually charge about $2000 to $3000 to extract prudence teeth, but if they are out of the gums already, surgury might not be needed. insuarance will usually cover 50% of the procedure, but i would definetly call to ask around, only just so you have a orb park on prices.
First Health insurance will not cover denal work. ONly dental insurance. Approx. for fully erupted tooth is 150-200 and impacted tooth depending on the degree of the impaction is 200-500...Also depends on where on earth you live..Good Luck

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