Hey everyone,
I am thinking about getting braces. The just thing is, I cant hold them on for a really long time (long story). What is the shortest possible time to have them on for? 6 months? My teeth arent that unpromising at all, its in recent times the front ones are a little crossed over. Is it better to gain teeth capped or braces? I've hear of Invisalign, too. But thats so expensive...and if i was to sou`wester my teeth it would only be 2 teeth. I'm booking surrounded by an appointment with my dentist soon, but what is your inference on the best option? and how long will it bear?

Thanks guys :) :)

we cant say how long because we havent see your teeth, and its not how they look on the outside but also the position of the roots (some teeth are crooked below the gums)

we can tell you dont acquire them capped because if it breaks you will be surrounded by pain and you may call for a root canal consequently bcuz the nerve get messed up
braces or some sort of retainer
Try getting invisiline. Braces sometimes take years. Depending on how discouraging your teeth are. So i'd try that. You can't see them. And you can put them in and steal them out.
depending on how messed up your teeth are, it could be a short time, but within isnt much moving in the first couple months, the shortest that ive ever hear of was one year...
You'd own to get a referral for an orthodontist for your covering, but ortho treatment done properly can be up to 8 years, and don't get them cap (i'm assuming you mean veneers) because they grind your tooth down to practically nil then pour crap on it that make them look fake and horrible, plus your teeth will rot from the inside because you can't verbs them properly. Capping wouldn't take too long, and i haven't hear of invisalign. Although braces can take forever to trade name your teeth look nice, it's worth it if you follow your orthodontist's instructions to have a irredeemable nice smile. Go with the braces, veneer aren't worth it.
Sometimes, for crooked teeth, alls you need is a retaner. I wouldnt budge with cap, because when you get elder, it'll turn your gums blue--I've seen it, its NOT too pretty. But I'd consult near an orthodontist, not a dentist. But either one would probably contribute you better information than me! LOL Good luck
if it is just 2 teeth that are a touch croockedyou will probably not need braces for a long time, a few months perchance. but if you are looking ont braces you should go to an orthodontist, they immediately best

i would turn to the orthodontist and take a conference, i have a long treat ment when i got my braces but they took the front ones stale in smaller number than 4 months cause they be finished-
those move the fastest

***pink and light blue are cute colors

***NEVER find white or clear bands raison d`¨ētre white looks like food is stuck contained by ur braces and clear like it u get through ketchup or a lollipop or somethin, they stain

***they put the bands, and after every time u go fund u get to choose spanking new colors

i have gotton em on over 6 times (dont ask!)

it doesnt hurt dont worry-it is of late a long process and it tastes kinda discouraging

they give u a leash on ur molars fiist, to see ur size and stuff

first theu put this positioner thing is ur mouth, it make your mouth stretch a lkot so they can see ur teeth, it will bother u for a minute or 2 but u will get used to it, u preserve that thing on the WHOLE time

after there are these things that look approaching shots and stuff, i got really freaked out when i first saw them but in actual fact, they dont go surrounded by ur mouth! this is the cement that they put on ur braces then they stick the braces on ur teeth
**the cement kinda taste bad!

consequently they will put the rubber bands on ur braces beside things that look like sisscors (they dont hurt) after that they put the wire-this is the most anoying subdivision cause after they slip it surrounded by ur mouth, they have to cut it to fashion it fit right

then to be exact it!Ur done
but after u do it, ask ur doctor for dental wax, and rubber cover up

when u get home use ACT mouthwash and for the first hour, ur teeth may be somewhat numb so drink mainly fluids-clear fluids

consequently for the first day or 2 ur teeth may be for a while sensitive so stick with drinking soup, pasta, and soft foods-avoid straws

every night use Peroxyl mouthwash for approaching a week to keep ur gums storng from cuts and use dental wax and rubber coverups so u wont find blisters, they hurt a little but arent that fruitless. avoid sleeping on ur side, try to keep ur director straight up for a couple of days

every morning and every night use the Peroxyl mouthwash again for 2 weeks later after that just use ACT mouthwash to save ur teeth and gum s healthy. capture some Super floss, made for braces-i sugest elictrical toothbrushes they keep ur mouth cleaner

dont worry-trust me- i hold had my braces on for almost 4 years, i am gettin em stale on July 3-my friend says it acutally hurts more to carry em off so yea

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