Anyone get any tips on getting my 8 yr weak to brush his teeth...?

I am so with you on this one, I have to download pics of bad teeth to produce them understand (also remind them of films approaching Pete's Dragon and their teeth in that film) Then I verbs their teeth myself for a while. Good Luck
They have those flavored toothpastes presently or you could get him an inexpensive electric or cool looking guide toothbrush...that's how we got my little brother brushing.
Set them a favour to see if they can take as long as theb egg timer
Force him to. You're the parent aren't you?
Tell him you'll offer him a bar of chocolate if he brushes his teeth!, hang about a minute....
show him pictures of ken dodd
make it fun and do it near him i had one and the same prob with my 7 year frail but within a few days of doing this she be fine. xx
8 yr old? What nice of 8 yr old doesn't brush their teeth?
Show him some manky pictures of rotten teeth on the internet... That should shock into it. He'll verbs his socks up when he wants girls lol.
Tell him to do what he's told! He = 8. You = Parent.
you can make a contribution prizes to him if he brushes for the amount of time you want him to.
Show him some pics of what happens when you don't...worked for me!
own you tried standing him in front of a mirror and you verbs your teeth together worked with my little boy
Take him to the dentist and agree to the dentist explain the importance of brushing his teeth and what could arise if he doesn't.
Do some online searches and find some photos of unsuccessfully decayed teeth. Also, own someone who has dentures natter to him about the severe spasm of abcessed and decayed teeth, and also how associates will think he's disgusting if he doesn't brush. If zilch else, if he gets a toothache that may gain him started on the track to good dental hygiene.
you could be in motion for the first option which is upset tactics. find some pics on network of horrible teeth.
or you could try bribary. eg if he watches tele from school or have a tele in his bedroom next say that you are excluded unless you brush your teeth.
and if you brush your teeth for 1 week then i will buy you a short time pressie. my kidz brush their teeth without one told they are 5 and 6, but if i lose control of them bribary always works best. honourable luck
simple, cut his priviledges off. nice verbs teeth= psp, xbox etc... time to stop being soft next to your kids, the more they get away beside now the more you will regret it when he become a teenager!
Make are the parent..agree to him pick out his own Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Hey try the new toothbrushes that only came out call tooth
tunes. You can hear music in your director as you brush your
teeth. Really cool. Also take things away if you own to tell
him more than one time to brush (you may hold to remind him
but not 10 or 15 times a morning or night) Remind him its for
his health and if you can procure the dentist to show him some
pictures of people near mouth and gum diseases. Maybe
that would also help. Try to gross a nightly and daily routine
of getting dressed drinking and brushing before he is allowed
to do anything else, no TV or hobby time if he doesn't brush and follow his routine. Good Luck!
Can't remember getting a choice at that age - my parents TOLD me I would be expected to clean my teeth and funny adequate, as the child, I did it!
I brushed with my daughter next to a timer. We set it for 3 minutes and did it together. She also wanted to keep watch on a short video or read a book before bed. Her teeth have to be clean by a positive time or she did not get that. We have a routine. Snack, brush, story, then bed. If she be a stinker the night since she got no snack the subsequent night. It be also part of her chore chart she have for every day. Chore #1 be to wake up at ease, #2 was to create her bed. #3 was to munch through breakfast. #4 brush your teeth, Etc. She got gredit for her teeth anyone brushed morning and night. If she did adjectives her chores every day adjectives week she got allowance. If not, she didn't. So, next to her it worked. She is 18 now and still brushes her teeth (we did step through braces! YIKES!)
Some of the childrens toothpastes come in sundry flavours like strawberry. Tell him that if he doesn't brush his teeth, his breath will stink and his teeth will look yellowy green and not a soul will want to stand too close to him at school because of the smell.
explain to him that he will end up getting false teeth and if that does not work go and get him a tooth tunes
Clean your teeth at the same time. Then see who can spit furthest contained by the sink after rinsing ... just an thought ...
1. Brush your teeth alongside him
2. Tell him he cant leave the bathroom until his teeth are brushed
3. Take him to the dentist, conceivably he will start brushing if you threaten to take him in attendance more often
4. Show him pictures of relations with rotten teeth, and I don`t know explain how painful rotten teeth can be
5. Take away a priviledge of his if he does not listen, dont offer it back until he brushes
6. Ask him if he think bad breath is attractive to his classmates
7. Have him rinse his mouth beside that blue mouthwash, it highlights the plack on his teeth- showing him exactly where he desires to brush.

Brushing teeth together as a family is FUN!
you've get to remember what it was resembling to be a kid. sit down at the table and talk to them as if they are equal an full-grown if that doesn't work ask they dentist to talk to them also try arm and tack hammer toth paste it a smaller amount powerful taste
Give him a big pack of sweets after>>>>>Only joking<<

Works absolute wonders
My guidance,... show the little **** who's boss. YOU'RE his parents,.. show him so he KNOWS.
Buy this stiff called agent cool blue. They swish it around and spit it out and their teeth own blue wherever plaque is and describe them what plaque does and that is doomed to failure and how they need to brush it adjectives out!

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