Ortho appt tomorrow?

ok, i made an ortho appt to talk roughly speaking my jaw. i enjoy had braces and worn retainers for going on for 2 years. my jaw have been acting up for just about 1 year and ive talked to my ortho nearly it before, and i devise its cause i clench. it used to pop and stick at hours of darkness but not anymore. now its a short time ago constant pain. is near any other things that could cause my jowl to just be contained by constant pain?
also, my bite is really screwed up too. its so discomfited to simply bite down. my front teeth touch and only one side of my spinal column teeth can accually bite down all the track. how do they correct that? will i have to acquire braces again? or sets of retainers? any ideas?

Could be tmj, I am in actual fact having matching kind of problems and talk to one of my sister's dental hygiene teachers light of day before later about it. She said that they would most probable do retainers if it is something they can fix. TMJ with ortho patients is cause because they are shifting everything around in within and the bite ends up in a strained position. Hope it is something they can fix somewhat easily. Good luck.
I reason if you've been within pain for over a year and you've talk to your orthodontist about it already and he hasn't done anything.. it's time to see another ortho! Your teeth nouns pretty horrendous for someone who has gone through orthodontia :( It's pretty likely that you ARE clenching your teeth contained by your sleep and there is an appliance for that too.
acquire a nightguard made at the dentist or buy one in the pharmacy dept of walmart.

return with your bite corrected, because that will cause distress, headaches, tmj, etc....

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