Braces again?

I know which color i want them and it is light pink im freaking out right in a minute im a lil anouyous but not at all. oh! and im going to summer institution i getting my braces in jun,27,07 and i enjoy summer school on july 30,07 what sensitive of food can i eat at university or take to summer and regular school(which starts on augt.23.07 on a thursday)

by possibly july 7th you'll be okay, just no popcorn or gum. hey, i get my braces on june 27th, 2006, and i'm going to the dentist june 27th to get my teeth cleaned. wow. coinsedence. the hardest item about getting braces is that the stuff they used to stick it on taste horrible, and it's weird not fear just your teeth.
i have braces during school and i ate fruit and soft things for a week.
at first braces can hurt but after say aloud like 3 days the spasm goes away. basically don't eat corn on the cob stay away from unyielding foods the first three days. just don't verbs about it nick some Advil deal beside pain!1 own fun! LOL
im confused what your question is more or less?
no ice. simply sugarless gum other than that everything but anything you hold to bite into... like apples.
don't get through hard or crunchy foods, you can't put away pop corn, gum, almonds or apple (unless it is chopped), basically, try not to put away anything you can't pick up with a fork.. specially the first few days.. drink lots of ice cream, and whip painkillers..
good luck!
Everything would be okay. Just shift to Summer school. And for you to devour every time you go contained by to get your braces tighten they start to hurt and the spasm would go away within like two to three days. But you can devour:
1.) Yogurts
2.) sups
3.) mash potato's
4.) rice
5.) chopped fruits
6.) oatmeal
But the things you can't chomp through is like not easy, sticky, not to chewy things.LIKE:
1.) Chips
2.) Carmel
3.) Gum
I wish you upright luck.
I have braces myself too and it'll be a year contained by Sept. so I mostly have a different year.

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