Are Bleeding gums automatically a sign of gum disease?

Everytime I brush my teeth, my gums bleed. I do have a toothbrush near hard bristles. However, if in that is a chance of gingivitus I would approaching to get it fixed.

Bleeding is a sign of gum disease and is NOT common. I would think that you might be brushing a short time ago a little too tricky, but it would actually hurt if you be brushing too hard, and if it is occurring EVERY time then I know it is not from something else. While some medication could cause bleeding gums and dilantin hyperplasia (gingival overgrowth), you didn't voice you were taking any medication so I assume you probably just own gingivitis. It is very adjectives, and many culture think it is because their gums are thin or soft, however that is not so. Healthy gingiva should be firm and faded pink, not red or swollen. You need to see your dental hygienist to gain a cleaning and treat it before it become worse. Also, switch to a soft bristled toothbrush. I would also recommend using Listerine to help flush your gingiva from microbes under your gumline. Be sure and brush at tiniest 2x a day and floss as economically:)
no, it just vehicle your gums are soft and u need to brush them. souns chance but ya
if it bleeds,it means you enjoy bad gums,not gum disease,but thinned gums,keep brushing everyday till they win strong.if you don't brush yes u will get gum disease,>>same experience but teeth really in good health now
U entail to check with your dentist. It may be gum disease or U may freshly be brushing too hard near the wrong tooth brush
well that answer by the dental student is one dentist i hope u dont own to go to when he former students. lol. but no bleeding doesnt always connote u have a gum disease.i hold seizures and one of the meds i used to filch was dilantin. i completed up with such a large dosage my gums started go catch loose. when i got clean medicine they tightened fund up and the bleeding stopped. bleeding of the gums can be cause by brushing to unyielding;to hard a tooth brush; medication; and silly as it sounds sometimes u can eat something and a piece of food may cut something. smoothly there is the possibility of a gum disease. more importantly even if at hand isnt. even if its just from brushing to rugged. ur gums being soft is departing the door open to something possibly occurring. i'ld suggest getting a softer brush and going to the dentist.
Altho it can mean gum disease, the following will back reduce the bleeding and aid condition the gums..always use a soft toothbrush and do not scrub your recent times gently brush ..its not around how hard you brush,but how ably you do it. gums that are not conditioned to flossing may bleed..make sure you floss AT LEAST once a year. your gums may bleed when u start at first but will get use to it as u hang on to flossing. Also, excessive grinding of ur teeth may cause some bleeding..altho it would be a ultimate source to look at after the gentle brushing and flossing. After you brush and floss, rinse beside warm brackish water..around 1 tsp salt to a chalice of warm wet. make sure u see ur dentist 2/year for regular cleaning. remember...perfect dental hygene will prevent gum disease and further health problems.
Actually its not an auto sign of it and you have need of to use a toothbrush thats right for your mouth and dentists dont always know right. My dentist and a few others told me I didnt grind my teeth and that using a immense toothbrush was worthy. I am finding out from an oral surgeon mind you that I have be grinding (ex rays with proof on cracks on my roots) and that to use a toothbrush that can grasp all your gums and teeth.
When teeth bleed and you brush regularly yes it can plan it but if your good on flossing,blushing teeth and gums after it shouldnt be a problem. When you brush your teeth it should feel comfortable not getting a chore done .. if it feel like a chore after you need to see just about switching .. I went from grown full to compact soft and I wish I could sue my dentist for describing me to use full for yrs since now my teeth are verbs .. they feel verbs,look clean to some extent (dmg from using a wrong toothbrush) and it does bring in me mad .. I brushed 3-4 times a year on gums and teeth and I just have 6 teeth removed (2 non wis) and could have be adverted.
it is usually a sign of gingivitis unless u r pregnant! to treat gingivitis, brush ur teeth twice a day next to a medium toothbrush, or electric tooth brush which is even better. Floss at tiniest once a day and next rinse with anti bacterial mouth wipe up. see ur dentist and hygienist every six month. so basically inter dental cleaning next to floss or small brushes is the answer.
Logic would say no. Although it is most imagined going to be gingivitis, it isn't necessarily that.

It could be due to mediciation, an infection, brushing too hard, not brushing satisfactory or a whole extent of dental issues.
I have have bleeding gums for over 15 years! Everything I tried to solve it failed. Even when I go to the Dentist several times to address my bleeding gums; after a few short weeks after the Dentist visit, the bleeding resumed next to renewed vigor. After brushing my teeth and looking down into the sink, it appeared that I brushed my teeh with a cut-throat blade (my bleeding was that bad). Finally, at my wits extremity, I performed a flush and discovered a product page addressing the bleeding gum problem. I purchased a bottle and after five weeks of day after day use, my bleeding gums stopped completely! I am truly amazed at the effectiveness. I realizee the issue of posting a product contact, however I feel the benefits for those whom suffer from bleeding gums, approaching myself, far outweigh to issue of posting a link. Many nation will be helped by this product. The more ethnic group that know about it the better. Go to:
I still can't believe that it really works!
Bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease one and only if they don't hurt when you brush your teeth. Try to use soft bristled toothbrush with smaller quantity pressure and see if the situation is still the same. Perhaps you own soft gums, so better check your dentist just to be sure, this will ensure you that if it is gum disease you can treat it quicker.

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