A bit the side of my mouth, I be wondering how long will it help yourself to to treat?

I bit it while chewing a week ago, and it still hurts. It looks like two holes at the side contained by the inside of my mouth. I heard it take a long time but how long, and is there anything I can do to support it?

usually anything on your face will treat within a couple of days, loads of blood flow to your herald, so more white blood cells, but contained by your mouth you often can bite on it again after it have started to heal (maybe when your asleep) only just bare next to it... it will heal, if it stays you could other wear a mouth gaurd...
also make sure your emune system is apposite, so your body can heal its self speedily
Rinse with heat up salt wet. It will help!
2-4 days. rime pack could help
1 to 3 weeks
a couple days to a week, rinse your mouth out near salt hose and just go away it alone it will heal soon!
Unfortunately, any devastate to mucosa membranes tend to heal impressively slowly due to the amount of moisture and the constant movement. Give it a bit more time and it will heal only fine.
I hate it when that happen. It usually takes approaching 2 weeks to heal. Their isn't anything you can do in the order of it other than exit it alone. Maybe icing it might work. That's what I do but, I'm not sure if it really does anything.
give it another week
Each personality heals at a different rate. But the inside of the mouth plausible will heal faster than most parts of the body/
eww.. i can`t stand when that happens!
if it hurts unadulterated bad..i usually use colgate orabase stuff..you only rub it on there and it make it all numb.
a couple days; cuts within ur mouth heal the fastest on ur body
it wont lift days or weeks. u dont need to stir out either and buy any sort of special mouth rinse. saliva that is surrounded by ur mouth 24/7 is a saline solution. and the answer posted by julia is very true ur mouth will make well in no time flat especially from something as little as biting the inside of ur mouth. i have to have my teeth pulled due to an absess. by the subsequent day i could already get the impression the pressure the gums were starting to put on the stitches. u can if u really grain nervous in the order of it rinse ur mouth out with brackish water or hydrogen peroxide within water(long as u dont swallow either one) but doing to be exact overkill.
of course if u bit stale flesh then the ultimate thing u should be doing is asking ppl on here for answers. no offense but the internet is not a doctor. and the discomfort of an injury always later a little longer.
roughly 10 days to heal most wounds

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