Can sugarless gum endow with you cavity?

Ex: Orbit, Dentyne Ice, Extra, Trident? Trident claims its good for your teeth, but gum is gum.. right?

Chewing too much might wear down the enamel within your teeth. Moderate chewing of gum should help your saliva to break down residual food particle and therefore curtail plaque build up.

I don't think sugarless gum can make available you cavities unless you chew deeply of it. sugarless gum isn't totally sugarless, nearly all the time it purely means ther's no extra sugar added (I believe there's already sugar surrounded by the gum base or one of the other ingredients)

Trident may be obedient for your teeth, but you'd be better off beside the good ol' toothpaste and mouthwash.

my dentist told me to use oral b day after day cavity prevention mouth wash since I be developing cavities. it works really capably if you use it everyday using the right amount and sloshing it around in your mouth for how long the sticky label directs.

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