Should i seize terracotta braces?

I need abet on choosing either traditional braces or earthen i am getting them in one week i am 14 if i carry ceramic braces they will be just be for the top row because u cant wear ceramic on your bottom row, so on my bottom row i am getting traditional braces i hear that ceramic braces stain not the brackets themselves lately the clear bands surounding them so i am stuck and dont know what to want. I eat in shape i love my barbecued meat, my fruit and my vegies and i sometimes drink tea in the past bed thats sometimes not usually and what makes the clear band surrounding the brackets stain and if you have have ceramic braces whats your story can you guys minister to me decide gratefulness alot

Answers:    I had the earthenware braces and certain foods do motivation the bands to stain and once they do, they look ominous until your next appointment. I would say-so mustard stains are the worst, lol. Tea, soda, juice can adjectives stain too so I always used a straw. You own to be creative if you want to eat BBQ, if you bite into saucy ribs you are going to be a mess, lol. What I would usually lapse up doing is instead of getting the clear bands, I'd achieve colored ones, you can choose from a rainbow of colors and they don't stain. It's not like the braces are invisible, freshly easier on the eyes than the traditional metal ones, so that may be an option for you. Good luck :)

Oh and I own also heard that the earthenware brackets don't hold up as well as the metal braces but I never have a problem with mine at adjectives and I had them on for over 3 years.
I own Damon 3's (half ceramic partly metal) and yah they stain, but after awhile the stain goes away. Like if you rinse beside water you'll be fine.

best of luck =]
My orthodontist told me that the clay ones dont hold as well and break sour easier, and also that they stain. I had the traditional ones and I other got a metallic silver belt and they didnt look so bad because the group blended in beside the metal, plus it didnt look so kiddie, because they werent all colorful. They werent so bleak and I had them when I be 22

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