Before removing the suitability tooth ... will the dentis inject ur gun ..?? ... cuz i antipathy injection it's dammpain

yes, to numb the mouth probably.
I used this novacaine in a gel form. You squeeze it from a tube onto your gums in the past the dentist injects more novacaine. This way you don't discern the injection either.
mannnnnnn... it's funny u asked. i only just took mine out yesterday. they inject your gums - a few times - around that tooth... well.. it's not too discouraging. feels similar to an ant bite. it stinks just somewhat for a split second and u might tear a bit. however, soon after, your gums are numb and u wont touch much when they pull your tooth out. freshly abit of pressure and weird "soft cracking sound"...
Yea i remember my mom gettin her tooth out n the dentist injected an injection b4 pullin it out n i HATE injections aswell n i dislike goin to the dentists so i other take keeping of my teeth n ive never had teeth problems for the recent past few years phew hehe :P
Novocaine, preceded by gel or not, isn't the only method of throbbing reduction for removal of a tooth. Sodium pentathol--yes, 'truth serum'--given intravenously, is also widely used.

If you really freak out over dental injection, I don`t know that's a better option for you. Discuss it next to your dentist or oral surgeon.
what they did to me was put an iv contained by my arm to help me leak asleep it isn't pain full at adjectives

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