Are within any cons to invisalign?

I read the brochoure, and it all seem great, but is there a ambush? Does it cost more? Does it hurt? Does it even work?

you gotta take em out whenever you munch through, which gets infirm real quick, and just kinda looks gross to other populace, but screw them right? id enunciate go for it.
You enjoy to take them out when you drink, they can get really dirty and grungy if you don't verbs them properly, and they can't do some tooth arrangments that brarces can do (such as bringing a tooth down if it's too high up). Also, their treatment time is usually slightly longer next if you were to grasp normal braces.
It take longer than braces and costs more too! I say a moment ago get braces result in they dont even look great in anyways...ur better sour just getting braces!
yes it does work..ive see patients who have them surrounded by my office and i does work(took an ivisalign class) they afford you a different tray every two weeks..mostly you'll get four at a time and every two weeks put a spanking new tray it really doesnt gain dirty, you do have to embezzle it out when you eat but hey if you want to kiss someone braces wont return with in the approach:)plus when you have braces its intricate to throughly clean or brush your teeth, braces do hurt exspecially when they put it on and you take sores in your mouth from them, invisalign isnt rough resembling braces i guess the only con could be the money, but to procure acurate pricing talk next to your dentist and ask her the difference, it may not be that adjectives has to do next to how many teeth you have need of to shift how many trays you will necessitate to get you teeth straightened:)
Invisalign is designed for somewhat minor, cosmetic corrections. It is less predictable than traditional fixed appliances (braces), especially when trunk bite corrections are required. It has it's own set of pros and cons and it is an wonderful treatment for a few cases.

Never allow a dentist to sell you Invisalign. General dentists hold no training in tooth movement and can simply do Invisalign because it's computer and lab based.

I have a dentist try to sell me Invisalign. My own research and an orthodontist confirmed I am NOT a nominee for Invisalign if I want a really good result.

I am contained by fixed braces right now and believe it or not, I'm in fact really enjoying them.

Yes, Invisalign will hurt as will fixed braces. If you move teeth it hurts. I haven't have Invisalign, but the pain of fixed braces within my case have been VERY minimal so far (2 months in). The occasional sore tooth to be precise better by morning is all. Yes, I know it get worse as treatment goesby:)

They also (fixed braces) feel really GOOD profoundly of the time as well. The pressure is nice and seeing the change in your teeth is awfully self-esteem boosting.

I say win metal braces, they're more predictable, they can achieve better results especially on bite-related cases, they're fun (colored ties!!), and they're largely a little smaller quantity expensive.

But most of all, have a chat to an orthodontist. Not a dentist. Orthodontists have smaller quantity incentive to sell you on Invisalign. Make sure you're clear that you'd be likely to do metal (or ceramic) braces if Invisalign wouldn't be ideal for you. If they imagine you'll be Invisalign or nothing, they own no incentive to be honest about the results you could finish with Invisalign!
rule of thumb: bring back 4-5 opinions.

I can make available you mine.

It all depends on what your expectations and your treating dentists expectations.

It he or she can exceed your expectations, afterwards it will be a win.

I agree with some of what others hold said. Just because a dentist can do it does not mean they should.

Depending on your individual situation, it can be a move about or a no go.

You may inevitability jaw surgery or extractions prior to have any orthodontics.

Remember, if you are not a candidate for invisalign, after the cons don't matter.

Cost is usually more because it costs more for the dentist.

All ortho hurts the 2-5 days after you bring back them on or when you get investigational aligners on or adjustments made.

That's run of the mill.

I don't suggest taking pain killer though.

If a dentist/orthodontists rushes the movement, then it may be more uncomfortable.

Again...every circumstance is different. That's why you pay the experts!

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