Anyone have porcelain veneer? What do you ruminate of what my dentist said around it?

Having kids wrecked my teeth. I have a space between them within two spots on the bottom where in that was decalcification. I talk to my dentist about getting veneer and he said I would have to bring back them for 6 teeth on the bottom and 6 on the top in lay down for it to look right. I'm not sure if he's just trying to rip me stale or what. I know it's about $1000 per tooth, contained by which case have that many done is out of the give somebody the third degree. What do you think?

Over time, your raw teeth will stain and change color differently from veneer (veneers are glazed porcelain and will not change color or stain much over time). That is the defence why dentists recommend canine-to-canine if you want veneers, so adjectives the teeth will have fitting shades all the time.

You can compromise though.. Some associates do have canines that are slightly different within shade than incisors without looking wierd, so possibly you can do just the incisors (4 on top and 4 on bottom). Optimum is particularly canine-to-canine though if you want that "Hollywood" look.

Hope this helps.
i agree that stain is a factor, also you want a well-mannered even normal bite for the upper teeth to rest of the lower to hang on to your mouth in a perfect healthy manor. also try finding a dentist who accept care credit they hold out 18 months interest free for anything over 300 hundred dollars. they do have a pattern site i believe it is this will help you to know how to afford such cosmetic advances beside your mouth.

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