Braces : Will it hurt?

I'm scared...make a contribution me some advice. I'm still contained by secondary college. I'm 13.

you will experiance some discomfort,but don`t fret it,when all is said and done you`ll love your teeth they will look great.
It's when they tighten them ever so regularly that hurts. Putting them on is no biggie.
Yep, it will hurt like Hell. However, you can obtain through it, everybody does. In the end you will be so glowing, your teeth will be beautiful.

You are lucky that your family connections is willing and bale to achieve you braces, many race are not so lucky. Braces are expensive. Go ahead and get it done, while you are still lower than mom/dad insurance, after that um - you are on your own.
I am not going to lie here. So yes it is going to hurt within the beginning but suggest about they own to use things that will pull your teeth together. So theres really no style around pain but if they use the nummer entity that makes you numb next there won't be any aching while there doing it it might hurt rather bit afterward and you will have to get through foods that are soft for a while because you don't want food that will get stuck surrounded by your braces! How would you look then? afterward when they are rotten you will have teeth that everyone will compliment. You will enjoy beautiful and glamorous teeth that shine so bright. suitable luck ~Kelly~
When you first put them on, then it will be painless. However, after more or less an hour you will wish you never have them. The pain is unspeakable. Your teeth will hurt so much you will barely know how to chew your food. However, this initial pain will fade contained by about a week. After that, it will just hurt when you go and bring them tightened every now and after. I just have my braces taken off a week ago. It might hurt at first, but adjectives in adjectives it's worth it to straighten your teeth. Good Luck
Of course it will hurt big time.

From experience, you get restlessness first. And following the braces, you cant chew solid food like french fries or meat.

Only porrigde for the first few moments. From weeks to months. Depend.

Thereafter, after every few months gotta call round your best "friend" (dentist) to tighten it.

Email me if you got anymore request for information.
i got mine ending year and I'm 14. at first u won't feel anything. after like 30min-1hr after that it starts to hurt really bad. they administer u wax for ur braces incase the metal rubs agaist ur mouth. it makes really discouraging sores. when they tighten them it mite hurt but it depends on what their doing. if u just capture ur colors changed it won't hurt. You won't be able to devour soild food for a a couple off days. one week tops. guzzle like soup or apple sause. trust me if u try to get through soild foods it's GONNA HURT! extremly bad so don't try it
I'm not going to sprawl, the first few days with braces on be painful. But I only remembered that I was going to enjoy a beautiful smile surrounded by the end! Also, it is a privelege to own braces. Many ppl really need teeth correcting, but cannot afford it or do not own insurance. Many ppl in Thailand grasp braces as a fashion statement, even if they don't stipulation them! Another good point is that you will probably be able chomp through lots of ice cream and milkshakes.
The PROCESS of putting them on is painless. However, it is the subsequent few days that will ache. It isn't a torment where you believe you are gonna die, i.e it's a not a sharp stomach-ache.

It's just dull and annoying. Take some painkillers, and KEEP HYDRATED. The more hydrated you are, the easier it will be for your mouth to adjust to the clean braces.
Putting the braces on doesn't hurt, but they hurt the next morning. And they also hurt when they tighten them. I got braces surrounded by 4th grade and in a minute I'm getting them again and I'm in 10th echelon! Do you have the route to get stoneware or metal braces? i cant choose!
no it is not don't be afraid and don't lose time do it as young as possible to minimize time

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