Arghh mouth sore?

anyone have any remedies
i take these like once a month!
bonjela is Carp , it doesnt work!!

There are products out presently, that your dentist can prescribe, that will help near these.
Until you get medication from your doctor, you can try pouring some hydrogen peroxide on it a few times a time. This rapidly speeds up curative time for me, though it does burn when you do it.

I've also noticed that I draw from them when I use a toothbrush that is too firm, or I brush my gums too strong. So you might try switching to a softer toothbrush and being meek with those gums. :-)
If you travel down to your local pharmacist, there's bound to be some sort of cream which you can put on them. (non prescription) If you don't want to do that, sometimes rinsing your mouth with a brackish water clean up can help. Also, I find holding rime to the ulcer can numb the discomfort and sometime help it recede.
i other use salt marine as thata meant to run away the pain i other find that usefull

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