3 yr old-fashioned knock out his front tooth, have other one pulled, how long will it bear for premanant to come surrounded by?

He fell and knocked out his front tooth and loosened the other front tooth. The dentist pulled the loose one. So very soon my 3 yr old have no front teeth. Just wondering if anyone has any clue as to how long it'll clutch for his permanant teeth to come in?

Answers:    The best human being to ask is the dentist who pulled the loose tooth. The time it takes for the brand new teeth will depend on the stage of development of the irrevocable teeth. The dentist should be able to tender you a pretty good view.
I'll bet your 3 year old is really cute right presently! Take lots of pictures while you can! Those teeth will be here before you know it!
I imagine they usually start coming at 7 years age. My nephew did kinda same when he was only just 3 or 4

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