What does dry socket look close to?

A dry socket is bare bone exposed to the oral cavity.

To prevent that, you want to make sure you follow the oral surgeon's directions and don't do anything that would dislodge the blood clot to be precise in the socket after extraction. The blood clot covers the bone and protects it from inflammation and infection, and will eventually scab over and become gum tissue beside normal recuperative.
Sever pain contained by the extraction area can spread to the jowl
reddness and inflamation of the area near white central tissue and it may organize to limitation of the chin movement with extrem sensitivity
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You can't see it, but your orthodontist/dentist/oral surgeon can. When a tooth is extracted, a "clot" remains in the socket to promote health-giving; dry socket occurs when that clot is dislodged. Want to read more?
i own had one u couldnt recount but it hurt like heck i have to go pay for to the dentist and he put some kind of medicated piece in the hole where on earth my tooth was pulled and it feel better, when they say dont smoke 24 hours after it money dont smoke cause thats what you'll acquire

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