Anyone know witch is the best electric toothbrush within the open market?

I have couple option sonicare e9500 or e9800 but I need to know witch one is better they are expensive and I want the best one...! please oblige I need one asap!!

The Sonicare e9800 is the best toothbrush to use. We recommend them to our patients and the ones that buy them love it.
the one that both parts spin and have a timer.
My dentist raves going on for Sonicare. I've used it for years and I'm told at every checkup my teeth look great and my gums have pretty much heal after all the years I be tearing them up near a regular toothbrush. Ask your dentist if they would suggest one over the other. I'll bet either would be purely fine.
Sonicare is definitely the best electric toothbrush out at hand. I have be a dental hygienist for 14 years... I can really tell a difference between my patients that use a sonicare and those that don't. I instinctively use the 9500 model, I really like it. But next to sonicare you can't really go wrong no business what model you choose. You are absolutely right that they are costly, but it is okay worth the investment!

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