Dental problem...?

I am 21 years old and hold crooked teeth. My top 2 front teeth are very crooked and I own been thoroughly self conciouss about them for some time in a minute. I dont know if braces would even work because my mouth is way to crowded. Basically my front teeth are pointing inwards, and would want alot of space and probably time.

So i guess the question I am asking is; Is nearby a point when bracers cannot be used because the situation is to sever? And if so is there any other methods of dealing near this?
Thank you.

You said it - BRACES - If it's too crowded, the dentist will pull some to create room. The braces will pull the teeth and arrange them fund in command. This may take a couple years, but damn you'll have a feeling good. Go, don't' be afraid because a Clean, Pretty Smile is other Sexy. Good Luck
the only entry is braces. my friend had a worst casing then you, and she have one tooth the was growing completely up, but after 2-5 years, she get her braces off, and they looked awesome! it be a big improvement.
if you can afford it, run to an orthodonist. he/she will be able to narrate you if braces can help. adjectives you have to do is ask. biddable luck
consult your dentist there might be another methods to fix your teeth. Or I don`t know braces might work, but it's best you ask a dentist
Braces will work if your mouth is crowded. Orthodontists have plenty of option. I had braces when I be younger and they pulled a few molars to make room back they put the braces on. I'm not sure of any other options. I feel braces are the only path to go.
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There are terribly few dental problems that can't be corrected to some degree presently days. The dentist many want to verbs a tooth or two if crowding is really an issue, but that sounds worse than it is. Go to the dentist and have a consultation, you may be pleasantly surprised! Good luck!
I usually crack joke at the dentally disabled. but i wont today, because i know your serious about your press.

The first thing you enjoy to do is consult a dentist. but they will always furnish braces as the solution. and it is, but ur 21 years old and by the time they filch it off you'll by approaching 28 or maybe contained by your 30's. so the best option for you to do, is to look into a dentist that specializes surrounded by extreme cases, such as yours.

i heard from a friend, who have a similar problem to yours that the best dentist in the country is somewhere contained by florida.

so check it out, but i warn you- it wont be cheap.

the true solution is to insert false teeth into your gums.

the same guy is the guy who did tom cruise's teeth. when he be a teenager, he have the worst set of front teeth imaginable. so check it out, im sure his office take insurance, perchance you'll qualify. i hope i help and save your head up.

Ahh, they can other make room. They'll verbs your Wisdom teeth and make room. They will verbs everything straight after that. It make lug a couple of years, but they can work wonders.
A word of advise, clear braces, veneer, and other cosmetic stuff isn't worth it. The clear braces have to be changed adjectives the time and they can turn colors of you drink a lot of coffee or colas. The veneer are horrible, they grind your teeth down to stubs and put pretty looking false ones on top. They can look really unnatural, and they weaken your teeth. Losing a panama can be painful.
Get braces, and consequently get them professionally whitened. You'll look crude, and great.
I deal beside that too. I think that braces will still work.
You could hold braces to fix this. If your mouth is not big enough to support adjectives of your teeth then they will extract some of your teeth so when they do start to straighten out they will look supreme and you will never know that there are some teeth missing. You should do it. You will perceive so much better about yourself and it will look great.

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