Braces lend a hand?

Hi I am 16 years old and enjoy been told by the orthodontist that I want braces where elestic band will attach my upper teeth to my lower teeth. I am very worried as I am a juvenile now and I am startled I will be taken the mick of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou p.s They will be connected from the top of my teeth to the bottom adjectives the way round. Also, if anyone have any pictures to show me how this might look it would be very appreciated.

Hi Princess T. I have braces between the ages of 12 and 14. I am sure this will not happen to you, but I have to have a 2nd lot of braces put on. I have the option to do it when I be 16, but I didn't. I really wish I have. I finally decided to run for the 2nd lot when I was nearly 18 and didn't own them taken off 'till I be 22! Not a good age to hold them!! Go for it girl, if people are that 'sad' to give somebody a lift the mickey then that's up to them, but you will be the one near the beautiful teeth at the wind up of the day. Don't be ashamed, hold your come first up and be proud. Do it now to some extent than later - it will adjectives be over before you know it. Talk to your friends in the order of it, the good ones will have a handle on and support you. You'll actually be surprised something like how many culture don't even notice. You really must only just go for it though, don't put it past its sell-by date - take my counsel on that. Good luck, I know it is not easy, but stick near it and you'll be really pleased with the result. Keep smiling, be proud of that metal girl!!
im 16 and hav braces in that wkd and if ur othadontist is nice they let u renovate the colour and no one take the piss out of braces at ur age if they did then at hand losers but expect to be asked question by the younger ppl but nearby jus curious
They may take the mick out of you for a while, but when the braces are sour and you'll have celebrity-like teeth and they own a mess in their mouth, you'll be the one smiling.
I have the elastics when I was younger, you can scarcely see them, don't worry
i hold had braces , and population wont even notice if they do they will speak it suites u trust me
no one will whip the mick out of them just lone if u take the mick out them don;t verbs just don't obtain a huge lisp from wearing braces

that's what it looks like
don't verbs so much, it's better than having crooked teeth the rest of your go!!
I'm 18 and Ive had my braces for 8 months. and not a soul has even said anything around them, and if they have its be a good comment, close to oh they dont look bad, or they look cool!

You ll be fine especially if you've moved out school! As that's where on earth most of the bad comments will come from! No one contained by my college bothered! And i was relatively pleased with my braces!

The elastics will be ab it strange i admit, but a short time ago think of it this course, anyone who says anything will probably merely be jealous! You ll hold perfect straight teeth within about 2 years! (even my tutor admit he was domineering and wishes he could of had them)

The simply thing i will vote is dont smile at babies or little children... god they look at you funny with them on! I feel they find them really scary. lol

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