Big tooth innards = easier to attain cavity subsequent to it?

Hey guys, I had a big cavity occupied a few years ago and now I see a brownish square spot subsequent to it on the right pit of my 2nd molar (same tooth). I brush twice a day and floss everyday. I'm really ticked bad that it looks like another cavity. Is it possible the big wadding got within the way of my toothbrush and so this nouns wasn't being brush correctly? I'm dumbfounded. I hold a battery tooth brush and I spend 10 minutes brushing/flossing respectively time. Geez, I don't know what else to do. It seems to stay cavity free I'm gonna have need of a toothbrush the size of a baseball bat. uhhhh. any thoughts/suggestions?

Could be just a discoloration, use a fluoride toothpaste and hold your mouth moist.
odds are the dentist did not capture all of the corrosion bacteria out of the tooth when they put within the filling and it is getting eat out from the inside, Same thing happend to me and I have to have a root conduit done. I of course will never stir back to the temp dentist i go to have a innards put in and immediately i drive 2 hours out of town to go to my aged dentist, anyway odds are you may call for a canal done and they are not cheap but they dont hurt any.

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