Baby grinds teeth?

So my son is 9 months old and he started grinding his teeth resembling three days ago he has 3 on the top and two on the bottom. Why does he grind? Does it connote he is uncomfortable? Is it going to wrong his teeth? And how can I get him to stop lacking doing pacifier all the time?

There is certainly nothing to be worried or concerned in the region of. It is extremly common for children of adjectives ages to grind their teeth when they are relaxed. Generally, once the child loses their baby teeth, the grinding stops. The grinding will not hurt the child or his teeth (especially since they aren't permanent). My singular suggestion would be to try and put your child to bed a little sooner. Usually grinding happen more when the child is overly tired. GOOD LUCK!
Just a thought; perhaps he have worms, as grinding teeth is a sign.
Grinding of teeth is a sign of parasites.
He could of picked them up from pets, or out on the meadow or from you his parents, or a number of things.

Let me know where on earth you live and I can introduce you to a Herbalist who works with adjectives ages from babies to Seniors on getting rid of parasites, if you are surrounded by North America.
Usually when babies and small children grind their teeth it is because they are trying to get a surface for the new things within their mouth. If you think give or take a few it, babies use their mouths to help touch and identify new things, so they are newly feeling and identify the new "things" surrounded by their mouth. Most children out grow grinding without any lifelong damage (they lose the teeth anyway), but if you are concerned, later please take to a pediatric dentist almost it.

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