Biting the skin inside my mouth!?

Can someone help me find a approach to stop biting the skin in the inside of my mouth and cheeks! It's a terrible habbit! What can I do to stop it?

I hold the same problem. My doctor told me freshly to stop. It's a bad need and hard to merely stop. I have tried chewing gum. I merely chew on the inside of my mouth when I am stressed. It's also very adjectives. At first I thought I was a freak, but it is especially common. Try relaxing and in recent times clearing your mind. Good luck.
get adjectives your teeth removed
thats so weird, im doin that rite very soon just as i come across your question! im away to spray my mouth next to anbesol to make me stop!
Chew gum. It'll hang on to your teeth busy and you won't have any sores inside your mouth.
I do it plentifully too and it hurts bad. I would not phone call it a habit though. It have something to do with your bite. You inevitability to see your Dentist on this problem. good luck ;)
I do that adjectives the time too, and then the skin on the inside of my mouth is puckers!

The best process I combat it is pop a stick of gum in my mouth and chew, chew chew.

Good luck!
basically stop biting it then possibly u wont do it anymore!
I don't agree with djjoecruz. I regard as it is a habit... i know i used to do it... i give attention to chewing gum would help seriously though

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