Am i a polite kisser?

how can i possibly figure this out...excluding some guy telling me. i want to be confident when im making out. not shy! the article is that i DO make out, but ive never gotten comments on my any ways...HOW DO I KNOW IF IM A GOOD KISSER?! gratefulness!!

I think the best process to know is if you are having fun beside the kissing and feel comfortable as economically. The more relaxed and enjoyable the kissing, the better the experience is for both ancestors. Be brave, try new things, experiment and enjoy a good time!
If you are shy, or stressed out you can bet your partner will pick up on that and maybe you are picking up on their discomfort, too. Do what you can to make the situation comfortable and relaxing. Good luck.
Will someone count how copious people respond next to a comment suggesting that the questioner come kiss them so that they might inform her?

If they do, I'll give them a big kiss (given they make a contribution constructive criticism once it is over).
yo...I'm sorry but there is no approach your gunna get a valuable answer to this question , unless you want to resembling post a video of yourself making out with your mitt...dont do that.
i want the drugs this askers taking.
Just do what comes natural.

If they dont complain, dont verbs...

If they do... you may have a problem...

Dont overthink it. Guys dont complement kisses too much... Dunno why... we love feedback! lol!

Good luck!


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