(Just requirement to know) Are Black girls see as pretty?

I go to a academy that is necessarily all Caucasian and I newly needed to know if black girls are seen as pretty?

yes! steal beyonce for example. shes gorgeous!!
Black is beautiful. No doubt in the region of it.
yeh if your pretty your pretty
I think that collectively black girls are very pretty, yes
A pretty girl is a pretty girl, a sexy girl is a sexy girl, a smart girl is a smart girl (who can also be pretty and/or sexy!), and skin colour plays no slice in it.
It doesn't thing about see , all girls are gorgeous on some level, some are prettier on the outside than they are on the inside. Concentrate on your studies, not on the students... ( I want I'd done that at school) good luck
umm, what does this hold to do with dental?
im black and i must grant im adorable! <3 dont worry...most pretty girls ask qs approaching this..be more confident..everyone is beautiful!
People are citizens. Some are beautiful of form, and others, most of us surrounded by fact, are somewhere between ok and revolting. That includes people of adjectives ethnic roots. Ugly is not cornered by any specific ethnicity. Likewise beauty.
The answer to your question lies in whether or not she think she is pretty. It is difficult to be different from most others around you, but if you can quality good in the order of yourself, what does it matter? My children are two of the just "Anglo" kids that go to their conservatory that is made up of primarily Hispanic children. It took them awhile to adjust, but in a minute they have lots friends, and indeed, girlfriends.

Elementary school kids are usually pretty niggardly to each other. Middle conservatory kids are even worse. I'm dreading high conservatory with every fiber of my man for my kids. I have without a doubt they will be ostracized because they are different, not necessarily because of their color, but because they choose to be themselves. But they are ok with that. Dare to be yourself. Dare to express your own opinion and to be okay with who you are. Feel apposite about yourself. I can speak about you are beautiful where on earth it counts - on the inside. If you weren't, you wouldn't even think of asking this examine. Good luck.
Beauty knows no color.
We are the most charming women on this earth. Dark skin is radiant. Why do you suppose fairer skin relatives always want to sunburn their skin? Because they look better with a dark complexion.
If you ask me, everyone is pretty in their own course whether they are black or Caucasian. When you go stern to school, remember to treat family the way you want to be treated. Just a short time extra advice. Stand soaring and proud and yes, you are pretty.
yeah. i have a black friend and i judge shes really pretty

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