What are the condition risks associated near dip tobacco (the class you put between your lip and gums?)?

Science-based please...

Here is a website you can start with:

While I can appreciate your desire to enjoy scientific facts, I sincerely hope that you are wise adequate to trust the dental community and/or people who own experienced health risks as a result of using smokeless tobacco.

There are lots photos of the results of smokeless tobacco use and the effects can be quite devastating.

At a minimum, I would recommend you diminution your usage, decrease the amount and lastly, try not to put it within exactly the same spot every time you use it.

Please don't filch these suggestions as some sort of endorsement for the use of smokeless tobacco. I be simply providing information that you might find useful if you chose to verbs using smokeless tobacco.
Lip cancer, tongue cancer and throat cancer.
Gum disease, mouth cancer, decays your teeth, and surrounded by an off branch sorta means of access people not wanting to kiss you.And also trade name sure people know what container you enjoy been spitting into because other nation don't want to accidentally swallow your spit..
maybe this story will convince you.

cancer, gum disease, gingivitis, tooth disintegration, basically its of late not good for you or your body

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