I get filling a few weeks pay for..?

They weren't the greyish ones.. They're the color of my teeth, but every so often they hurt resembling hell. I didn't use to care something like my teeth but now I lift good assistance of it, and its been a while since I get them in. I want to know, why does it still hurt sometimes?

It still hurts because they weren't properly file and smoothed down after the hole was packed. You should have stomach-ache for weeks or months!

Go back to your dentist and hold him fix the problem.
because its getting used to your teeeth dont worry roughly 2month it will b k
That doesn't sound common. I'd brush with de-sensitizing toothpaste and ring up the dentist to nick a look.
I've never heard of relations suffering pain, after have the composite fillings done. Your dentist must hold messed up, somehow.
Have you told your dentist about the problem?
i work within a dental office when you replace the amalgam filling with tooth colored filling they tend to be sensitive for a while can last for several weeks if it get worse go fund i wont put those in for that grounds it looks nice but too much trouble
If its painful when you bite on them afterwards they may need some adjust from dentist, sometimes they could be sensitive to hot and cold and slightly uncomfortable after nourishing, take antiinflamatory tablets and if it does not settle after a week, see ur dentist for counsel.

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