Blue band on teeth?

i just get blue bands yesterday surrounded by my teeth to make space for the subsequent ortho appointment, so that it would be easier to do banding and stuff..and the blue bandss hurt really bad, i cant get through anything except these boiled noodles, and also it hurts when i brush! i took a tylenol pill, but it doesnt seem to aid!, it also husts when i try to spit water out, or even move my lip surrounded by the direction of the bands! any advocate? or suggestions?

Those are called spacers and they are between your molars to spawn room for the bands, try ibuprofen it works better beside dental discomfort, just be sure you guzzle or drink milk, it can upset your stomach. What you are feeling close to now is how it will consistency every time the orthodontist tightens your braces. Lots of soup and milk shakes to get you through the first couple days.
I other took advil according to the directions before I go to the ortho ... then I would drink really soft foods like mash potatoes, jello, and soup. it will be the same once you attain your braces on.

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