I am getting braces tomorrow.
Last Minute Stuff:
What Color?
Description of what it is like to obtain them on?

right after you get them you inevitability to eat because trust me, you wont know how to eat for awhile after within on. black and white colors look pretty tight. take agony killers approaching tylenol or advil before you jump. try not to move around alot when the doctor is putting them on. take biddable care of them and you will acquire the off sooner. listen to him/her and do what he/she say. trust me, its all worth it surrounded by the end!~
As soon as you disappear the doctor's office, shift eat something. In a few hours, your teeth will be totally tender, and you won't be able to drink much of anything except liquids.

I have my braces over 20 years ago...and that is the first article that the doctor told me to do. And I can still remember the pain!!

Good luck!!
First bad take advil or some form of affliction reliever before you draw from in here because braces do hurt. Continue to take these meds ever 4 hours if not you will find it hard to munch through tomorrow. As for colors you should pick your favorite colors. Or you could get the clear ones, they build your braces less noticable. I intuitively like street lamp blue and yellow together. Or Blue and pink. But its adjectives your choice.
I got gold ingots and sometimes silver, kinda thought should have fun beside them while i had them. It is pretty itchy, i couldnt anything but soft food and liquids for a week. In my assessment it was worth it though.
braces? they dont hurt as they r putting them but latter in the afternoon they may start so stick with soft foods just about the colors i picked my favoret color just dont pick any entity that makes it look resembling u have stuff within them wat it lookes like getting them is really diffrent cuz your unfamiliar to what u might look like also it dosent really issue cuz once u see your teeth when they will prob look great
good luck
Braces arent that desperate the first time you get them on it make your gums sore. The dentist puts this thing within your mouth that streches it out. he also puts the thing that sucks adjectives the spit out of your mouth it makes your mouth dry so it feel really weird when they bring it out. dont be afraid the only article is that every once in a while you hold to get them taken out for a teeth cleaning which I loathe sooo much .

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