A second molding?

yesterday i had to carry 3 teeth pulled out to make space because i'm getting braces subsequent week. so, i called the receptionist to calendar what day to seize my braces on and she told me i had to progress for another teeth molding. i already did the first molding at the consultation.

the second molding is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. why do i enjoy to do another molding?

It is possible that when they took the impressions of your teeth that the impression stuff was distorted surrounded by some way and when they poured up the models(molds) the teeth didn't fit together right. Or when they poured up the models and tolerate them set, some part of a tooth or teeth may enjoy broken while they tried to get the plaster mold out of the dent. It will go fine and you will be happier near a perfect model.
They want another indication because your bite has changed since you get your teeth pulled. This will change the orthodontists treatment plan for you. They have need of an up to date impression for you.
A second molding own to be taken to have exact form and dimensions of the gums. They do it the second time because the gums can any shrink or grow. It happens markedly often and the dentist is doing his work in good health so that the final braces would fit as best as it can. Even the small change could take home a lot of difference.
Don't verbs of the second molding , it is only to enjoy the latest size of the gums.
Good luck.

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