Braces lend a hand!?

ok the orthdontist said i have a rigid bottom jaw and i would obligation braces and he also sayed somthin about me havin to enjoy a retainer that i turn for a couple of weeks and stuff so does this mean i own to get braces on my bottom mouth or my top??

The retainer you are talkin about is usually one you wear since or during your braces. They put it on the pallett and it has a switch type thing that you enjoy to turn every so often (how ever habitually he tells you) and this widen your jaw. Also, when you hold to wear on the bottom they usually put the on the top too. I had braces for 3 years and am exceptionally glad i had them. Not definite painful, and in good health worth it!
i think purely on the bottom since u have a diminish jaw
Probably both
Most promising you'll need braces on both, a reatiner is typically used after the braces hold been removed.
Most possible your bottom jaw. I believe he was referring to wearing the retainer after getting your braces rotten but I'm not sure.
from what you said it sounds like the bottom but I bet you'll enjoy to get both bottom and the top If your getting braces after you'll probley have to go and get everything
Bottom jaw.
If he mentioned merely the bottom sector, then I would not verbs, but if you are still unsure, try contacting him/her.
You would get the best answer if you phoned your orthodontist
my sister and I both had/have expanders (I imagine that is what you are describing) Expanders spawn your mouth larger and braces move the teeth into position. I can not tell from the sound out if you would also have to enjoy top braces but you should have to own bottom braces. Good luck and you will survive
Sounds like the bottom to me, but you can a moment ago call him spinal column. If you need braces, he should hold recomended somebody. Whoever he recomends will probably get your file/information, so they should know even if you are not sure.
I infer you should probably get them to even out your cheek line because if your teeth are madden then you be made fun of but within the words of great Dolar quote " It is your choice and my opinion".simple
ortho's have different methods for treatment depending upon masses things. I have have one child with the turn retainer because of a abnormality of her upper palette, inside her mouth. each long-suffering is unique. i never know what the ortho will be doing from one month to the subsequent. i trust him, however he has a incredibly thick elocution and it is difficult to understand him. best of luck. it will work out. be long-suffering.

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