Tell me 'bout BRACES? ~~read please~~?

ok tell me ALL these question below!

1. what are braces like

2. do they hurt?

3. what colors should i catch?

4. do i have to pocket med. before or after the 1st appointment? i hold 2 get prepared?

6. and should i be exited or dismayed..(11 years old) (and i have resembling a gap, near most of my teeth crooked a lil. bit)


i need adjectives these answers in!


1. what are braces approaching
they feel abnormal at first but you seriously get used to them really brisk.

2. do they hurt?
the first 3 days or so, and after you get the rubberbands changed every month your gums may have a feeling a little sore, but not nearly as doomed to failure as when you first get them on.

3. what colors should i capture?
whatever you can capture them changed every month.

4. do i have to cart med. before or after the 1st appointment?
clutch some ibuprofen if you're sore. i have 2 take prepared?
i'm not sure what you mean by this...

6. and should i be exited or depressed..(11 years old) (and i have resembling a gap, beside most of my teeth crooked a lil. bit)
you're young, greatly of 11 year olds have braces. i don' t construe it's a big deal.
I have Braces for 1 1/2 years!
1.The braces don't hurt when you first get it on. What hurt is your subsequent visit. Cause they will force it so your teeth receive together.
They are either invisible or metallic.

2.They will hurt every time they will do something to manufacture the teeth tighter.

3.You actually go and get the colors when you get ask by the dental assistant! and is around the bracket. So you will silver them every month if you want to.

4.Some say you should transport an aspirin. Just in valise!

5. Just go hunger free. You'll be from 8 am to around 12 pm or 1pm.

6. Go excited! Just don't expect to much on your first stop by. But you will see the results sooner than your think if you follow adjectives the instructions!
ah braces. i just get mine off after 2 years. mine didn't usually hurt except for when i get the wire changed. basically get your 2 fav. colors :] earlier you get them on i suggest taking advil/tylenol or something close to that. when you first get them your mouth is sore a few hours after you catch them but for only just about a day. i reflect on you should be excited cause your teeth will be straight :]
dont verbs, sure braces hurt when they get on, afterwards you get used to them. the color depends on your pesonality, so its your choice. and no, you dont involve to take any meds. getting i wasnt exited exited or unfortunate, its just akward to enjoy them on.
After having braces a while, you won't really mind them much.

However, they do hurt when you first get them on and when they are on the same wavelength (but only for a sunshine or two).

I wouldn't get black or colors close to pink, yellow, or ginger because they sometimes make your teeth look yellowish within comparison.

I would recommend using something like Tylenol or Advil if you're sore after getting braces put on.

You should be *excited*. your teeth will look much better afterwards... even if you don't similar to having them in a minute.

ok tell me ALL these question below!

1. what are braces like:
They took a few days to bring use to. You'll feel them next to ur tongue but you get use to them hurriedly. Ask ur ortho the proper way to hang on to them clean and how to floss. But they have a feeling fine.

2. do they hurt?
The first few days and soemtimes after they adjust it. But nothing too impossible. It goes away or you can cart pain meds if they hurt, ask ur parents.

3. what colors should i catch?
Your ortho can show you what they have. There's so heaps. And you can change them monthly so you can modification all the time.
4. do i enjoy to take med. back or after the 1st appointment?
Ask your doctor. You may feel some discomfort after you attain them on. Ask your doc or parents what you should take. Don't know ur medical history so can't bring up to date you definately. i have 2 seize prepared?
Just brush as usual. Go in and relax. Ask ur ortho if there's something specific you should do.

6. and should i be exited or mournful..(11 years old) (and i have resembling a gap, next to most of my teeth crooked a lil. bit): excited. Think in a while, you'll hold perfeclty straight teeth! This time is so little compared to a lifetime of straight teeth. =)
oh they hurt and maybe u shoud attain color and yes get prepared and bracese comfort your teeth stay up.
kinda weird but you'll win used to them.

a bit painful and sore but you'll bring over after a day or two

illumination in the muddy is cool... i had that similar to 3 times, i'm getting black next.

capably they need to put on brackets first later you come back for the wires

excited, it fixes the teeth and you'll look better. trust me formerly my braces i looked like a rabbit, immediately i look waaaaay better. ^_^ i love them actaully plus it's not all that annoying unless you catch food stuck in them.
1. When they're first put on, your mouth will grain really huge. For the first few days, you'll feel awkward smiling too, because it freshly feels funny. After a while, your mouth become accustomed to it, and they'll feel as if they be always a section of your mouth.

2. It all depends on how crooked your teeth are. My front two teeth be just overlapping, so I merely endured a sore mouth. Severe cases will motivation a lot of anguish (my friends have told me from their experiences). The stomach-ache will be gone within the first week though. Just nick Tyenol or Ibuprofen frequently, and you'll be fine.

3. My favorites colors are red and blue. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get teal and pink. To others, they will look resembling Christmastime colors, and many ancestors will come up to you and say "A little precipitate for Christmas?" Trust me from personal experience.

4. I highly recommend taking Tyenol or Ibuprofen 30 minutes back getting your braces on. Your teeth will feel much better. You don't hold to if you don't want though.

5. Yes! During the first week, your mouth will be sore. I suggest going to the grocery sotre the night since and buying all soft foods. Why? Your bite will have a feeling incorrect and strange, plus it will be sore. Look for things like rice, pudding, rime cream, soup, ravioli, etc.

6. I wouldn't be sad. I wouldn't be that excited any. Judt think something like what your teeth will looks like after your braces are taken rotten! That's what keeps my mind past its sell-by date of it.
i had the samw problem second year. They are metal so sometimes, your gums might bleed and presure makes you teeth husrt for a week max so prepare your rime cream, soup, and soft bread. Braces is glued on your teeth and depending on your mold, the dentist chooses what to do. Your colors can be extreme, i suggest not getting yellow, making your teeth look pallid. Don't take pills although i never tried them. You dont enjoy to do anyhting but brush your teeth and go. your mood should be nervous and alarmed at first but its natural. It hurts but at hand is this gum thing that you can put on the pressure and may support. Brushing your teeth take longer and you cannot go and get cavities while next to braces. appointments are eveyr month until retainers. The gaps would exact your teeth to not hurt until you bite them, power chain have more pressure so be warned
I have braces for about 4 years from 6 echelon to freshman year in high-ranking school. I be excited to get them b/c I know my teeth would be straight and pretty afterwards.

I would get colors depending on my mood; get yellow and turquoise closely.

Honestly braces hurt for the first week once you first get them and the first couple of days once you progress back for check ups and to acquire them tightened.

If you experience some pain, Advil or Ibeprofen will do the trick.

There is really no preparation that you necessitate to take; your orthodontist will customarily make you surface comfortable. (I was lucky and at my orthodontist respectively chair have there own personal TV and Nintendos).

Good luck.

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