Tounge piercing?

i have a tounge piercing which is around a year old presently i still clean it twice day by day, but here recently it seem to be sore, almost like i bruised it. i did accidently bite on the tavern and i was purely wondering if this is normal or possible, it doesnt look bruised or infected! a moment ago looking for some experience or thoughts please! thanx!

Did you maybe rip it for a time? I have my belly pierced (totally different, i know) and it be really sore like that, but i couldn't see a article and it didn't even look like it have been ripped. So i showed it to the piercer and he looked at it and said i have ripped it just a tiny bit, ample to make it sore, but not ample to be noticed.
You ought to walk see a doctor about that.
You don't want to see a doctor. You probably just knock it around a little. Give it a while to treat; as long as you're still taking care of it there's zilch to worry roughly speaking.
I wouldn't listen to most people's advice on this site going on for piercing because most people don't know anything almost taking care of piercings. If you really hold a problem in the adjectives, you can always telephone your piercer.
Good luck! :-)
i Had mine peirced for about 2yrs, and it is everyday to have sorness, if you take place to play with the ring, or anything of that sort, it isnt infected till you see white puss coming out of the hole, but verbs it like you do, and only be carefull till the soreness gose away
its possable you brused it dont forget your tounge is a muscle and it can be brused if its not better in a few days you might want to see a Doctor or better all the same call a shop who dose piercings they would know
translate your BJ technique
Take it out for a while, and do some salt rinses. this happen to a friend of mine, and too make a long story short, and have one of the worst infections.she could not wear it ever again...and her tongue is disgusting without it. She say she should have never done it, biggest mistake of her duration. But they are cool. if you do not want to see a try taking it out, and rinsing, ikt certainly won't hurt.

Hope it get better.
when mine is sore i take it out for a bit.a year or so and that usually helps....may be you own something stuck in the hole that you can't see. if it keep hurting then i would step to the doctor..but remember they will give you a address doctors don't usually like tounge piercing's.
I reckon a tongue piercing has to be one of the filthiest things a being can do. Search the net for the different bacterias contained by your mouth. The human mouth if horribly dirty! Really! If you tear the tissue simply slightly with the shaft in your tongue enunciate like when you are asleep and you accidentally move it around purely think of adjectives that bacteria i.e. getting into you blood stream! And believe me, there is no approach to keep the germs cleaned from your mouth as you say you own been cleaning it. If you don't believe me ask your doctor. Ewww you will be grossed out. Remove it and be done next to it.

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