Braces on monday!?

sooo... I'm getting braces on monday and I was wondering can you carry colors on the first day you own them? and if so what colors should I get first?? I be going to get similar to red and white since its going to be the 4th of july. but I dont know. I would really like some cool color combinations! gratefulness a lot!

Oh, don't listen to the empire who say it's the worst experience ever. Hey perchance you'll get yours rotten fast similar to me. I needed them and my teeth were fixed surrounded by 8 months. Not even a year, maybe you'll be lucky :] Just remeber a few things ...attain fat previously every visit. Like stuff your obverse even if you're not hungry. Chewing will hurt like hell. Also remeber don't bring colors too bright, they look terrible. I know dozens of nation with braces and everyone looks impossible with those super, super bright colors. Red and Blue doesn't look that great sometimes. it depends on if the dentist does the colors close red, one blue, one red, one blue, ect. Or if he does top red and bottom blue or visa versa. If he's doing top red and bottom blue (or visa versa) don't get it! believe me, greatly of people did that (including me) and it looked ruinous. So specify the type of thing you want! If you run with red and blue sort sure it's like the first point I said where it alternates.

Also, even if you're close to me and not a fan of a lighting pink, light pink and fluffy blue look cute. Fuschia seems cool, but looks horible. Black doesn't looks so unpromising, but sometimes it looks like you enjoy crap all contained by your teeth if you get that. RFed can trademark it look like you own a mouth full of blood. Personally ... glow contained by the dark be cool. For some people it didn't work, but for me it did. People hardly noticed I have braces and when I had sleepovers or go to parties and lights be off, I get so much attention. So glow within the dark is cool.

Don't be so worried nearly braces and colors. At fist, everyone spazzes about this stuff, but latter it's like...w/e. Give me w/e color and bleh.

They tolerate you choose. I've had my braces for 4 months and adjectives I have to articulate is GOOD LUCK!

Its been the most mortified experience with me. You dont carry rubber bands when you first carry them. You get them on your second look in.
they always put colours on unless you ask them not to.. feel red might look like you hold a mouthfull of blood specks! I just go for plain old purple.
red and blue are apposite. CONGRATS! your one of us!
make sure you lick your teeth an extra time beofre they go on...its going to perceive weird surrounded by your mouth for awhile
you could get colors on the 1st daylight, i didnt tho because the ortho. showed me how much more it hurt and how much looser and less backache you feel woth out them. i dont reccomend the but if u get some i lik red and blue! (for 4th of july)
If you don't want them to be noticable get a gold ingots or silver or clear! But if you want them to be noticible get a sky blue or aqua, a rushed thing don't catch red they make it look lke your teeth are bleeding!!
Coolers! Congratulations. AFter two years or so you will enjoy a nice beautiful smile. When I get braces they didn't but the colors on the first day because they first obligation to stick and dry well to your teeth. Omg! When they show you the color box you will walk crazy. It's hard to choose a color. Try purple and pink. Dont go and get yellow because it make you teeth look yellow. What in the order of lime green with pink. Can you pick me as best answer? Yes?
Choose any color you resembling thats availble. They don't hurt, nowhere near as desperate as when you had the spacers surrounded by. Only pressure at first, and wires sometimes poke your gums or cheeks, but your mouth will adjust to it over time.
Here's what i think:
Green/Black/Yellow make it look like you've get food in your teeth
Pink/red take home you look "gummy"
White makes your teeth look wan
Blue quickly turns into green...
Purple is ok
Orange will craft you look pale
Urmmmm I infer i would just stick next to clear :S
Yes you can get colors. You should seize lime green and hot pink to represent watermelon which is kind of forth of Julyish
yes, you can bring colors the very first hours of daylight. i got red the hugely first time and i loved them!! at first i thought they would look like blood, but they didnt! i conjecture that they even made my teeth look whiter! but dont get hurricane lantern colors like white or table lamp blue (tends to look white) they make it look resembling your teeth are yellow, or thoughtful of dull. what about pink and green? red and blue? purple and blue(thats what i enjoy right now)?
yes you get colors the first time, you'll enjoy colors until the day you attain them off. i conjecture they have clear ones you can catch too. i wish i have those.
but nope i had the colors, and i regreted it, bcause that much color shouldn't be within your mouth. something simple and light isn't unpromising. white and red will attract a lot of attention to you mouth, and braces are horrible!
but somethin pale, like muted blue or pink, or even a light claret. for 4th of july
I got braces almost two years ago && my ortho. let me get hold of whatever color I looked-for. He handed me a laminated card entry and let me choose from just about 20-30 colors. I think though If you want 2 different colors later you need to enlighten them like what colors && the shape. Like red then blue. In that command. I did it once and I had red && green for Christmas :D But immediately I have my braces past its sell-by date and I wear clear retainers..So annoying. Hope this answer helped!

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