Abscess not gone near antibiotics?

I got an Abscess on past due saturday night so sunday i go to my emergancy dentist.He prescribed me Amoxicillin 250mg three times a day its a five year course and im due to take the finishing tablet of the pack at 9pm tonight, although they have taken some swelling down its still throbbing when i drink put away ect.. any suggestions as what to do next as this doesnt seem to be to be going at all and have also made the underneath of my tongue swell is this normal?...

Go vertebrae to the dentist you may need an extraction or a root waterway. Did they take an x-ray of the tooth usually when you gen an abscess here is some other problem that your dentist needs to give somebody a lift care of.
They can be stubborn. You necessitate additional, or different, antibiotic.
You may want to have it drained. The puss doesn't only just vanish on its own...
the antiBs will run about 2 weeks to work but if u are surrounded by lots of pain ask what dull pain relief u can whip...dont stop takin ur last ones cus u have a sneaking suspicion that they arent workin.also did u drink alcohol cus that wud stop them workin possibly...go pay for to ur dentist and tel him evrythn
if the day after you finish the pills, in attendance is no improvement you inevitability to call and grasp a appt and get a stronger antibiotic. I don`t know something else is going on...
They will usually prescribe meds to clear up most of the infection, but the nerve surrounded by the tooth is damaged and to be precise why it is abscessed. You will have to grasp a root canal or the tooth pulled to completely eradicate the infection. Until next, it will always be scratchy and infected. You need to ring up the dentist back and see when your root conduit is scheduled to come up since you have of late finished your meds. I wouldn't let it linger though...because the infection will just stir back to as aggressive as it be and then you will enjoy to start the meds over again before getting the root strait. It would just prolong your distress to wait.
The treatment for abscess is not antibiotics, but drainage. In dental abscesses, this channel extraction or a "root canal." The antibiotics are newly to calm things down surrounded by preparation. Whether you need more antibiotics between presently and then is something we can't answer.

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