How long does the agony from orthodontic rubberbands generally concluding?

I just get them on both sides and they hurt like crazy. I enjoy a big trip planned soon and i dont want to be in headache. So how long?

A few days...try months...the pain might not be have strong but it lasts enormously long and every time you get them tighten which you will hold too...extreme pain adjectives over again...

Sorry dude Bracies suck...but when all said and done, you will enjoy very nice teeth...
perchance a few days just dont bite into anything sturdy at all

i have braces for 5 yrs and i just get them off a few yrs ago make available it a little time hold some aspirin also
i had those, but very soon i have jolly strait teeth.

it normaly gets a ton better after the first week but it really depends on you. I have no space betwwen my teeth and those suckers hurt ALOT. But i think within a week i could eat again. It should be almost usual in 2 weeks.

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