Bad teeth formation?

My teeth are not properly formed.
1. the size of my teeth are irregular, when people smile, their teeth can be seen and the size and the shape are like squares. But mine are big and small, triangle shape

2. There is one tooth who is out of line of the formation. It is like it is pushed by another teeth but all are adult teeth so it is impossible to grow anymore.

What can i do about this problem? It is affecting the way i speak. I can't speak properly as it is not clear so ppl cant get what i am speaking. When i speak food or saliva will spat out, making me very embarassed. And i keep getting ulcers because of these teeth. What can I do ? Pls advice me

Bad Teeth and Rotten Teeth

A frequent dental complaint that individuals have is that they have bad teeth or rotten teeth. Although this may seem vague, your dentist will immediately understand what you mean when you say that you are suffering from bad teeth. This is because bad teeth or rotten teeth represent tooth decay, which is known within the dental industry as dental caries.

The term caries is a Latin term that can be translated as rot or rotten. Dental caries, or bad teeth, is a destructive dental disease that can result in cavities or holes in the teeth. Mainly afflicting children and young adults, bad teeth is the largest cause of tooth loss in children and adolescents.

Rotten teeth is caused by the interaction of these three factors: specific bacteria found in plaque, sugar, and a susceptible tooth surface. Plaque contains bacteria that produce acid as a by-product of sugar consumption. As sugar is consumed by plaque as energy, it is difficult to avoid sugar consumption. However, rotten teeth occur when the acid produced by bacteria found in plaque clings to a person’s teeth. Over time, this acid begins to eat away at the enamel, which is the outermost layer of the teeth, leading to the development of rotten teeth.

Although rotten teeth can be treated in a number of ways, the best way to combat bad teeth is to prevent it by maintaining proper dental hygiene. Regular personal oral care should be employed, such as proper teeth brushing twice a day and daily flossing. This should be combined with professional care that includes two trips to a dentist for examination and cleaning. Additionally, the use of daily sealants is an excellent preventative measure to bad teeth. Sealants are thin plastic-like coating that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the molars. Sealants can usually be applied to a child’s teeth after their molars have erupted. The benefit of sealants is that they are able to prevent plaque from accumulating in the deep grooves of a user’s mouth. Additionally, fluoride is an excellent way to protect individuals from developing rotten teeth. Dentists highly recommend that individuals use toothpaste that contains a good amount of fluoride regularly to combat bad teeth formation.

If you currently suffer from bad teeth, it is imperative that you visit a dentist to have it fixed. If dental caries continue to exist without being treated then they can reach the tooth’s nerve endings. This will cause great pain. However, a dentist is able to treat bad teeth by removing the rotted part of the tooth with a specialized dental drill. Once this has been removed, the dentist will fill the hole with special material, otherwise known as a filling.

By treating bad teeth or rotten teeth, you will be doing yourself a great favor in terms of oral health care. With excellent dental health, you will have a great smile. This is an excellent trait to have in the world and if you have less than a perfect smile, you may be interested in obtaining a cosmetic dental treatment.

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