Braces? read details.?

Ok i got braces yesterday and they hurt REALLY doomed to failure and other than taking tylonal or something, what is a remedy for getting my teeth to quit hurting?

Tylenol or Advil will abet, drink Chicken Noodle Soup. It won't be too hard because it's uncomplicated to eat/drink. Try not to think more or less it much and find something to distract yourself (like a good movie or book). The agony will go away soon :).
I never get braces my self but all my friends and my brother own, and i hear them talking more or less it all the time, and to relay you the truth not much icecream and cold things help but not much after a week the agony goes away.
i enjoy braces too. there is no other path to make them stop hurting but to dally a couple days. eventually your mouth and gums will get tough ample to stand them. ive had them for 6 months and very soon i cant even tell theyre at hand.


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