Brakets for my braces , and expander. HHEELPP!?

well im getting an expander within about 2 weeks. does it hurt really bleak, im kinda confused on how you have to turn it to spawn it tighter? And i also wana know if i should get clear brakets, because my friend have them and they make the rubberband colors around them look really cool and you can see them really suitable, but with the metal ones you cant see the colors as in good health as you can see the big old chunks of metal! appreciation

i dont think i ever have an expander but as far as clear or metal braces i had metal for two reason one they were not as expensive and two next to the clear ones sometimes once you eat something you can stain them and never seize rid of the stain no matter how strong you try, i had a few friends who have the clear ones that is one and only how i now hope this help
I had the expanders. Several in fact. I don't think you stipulation to turn them (unless I'm thinking of something different) What I had be just little pieces that they placed between my teeth to spread them apart to spawn more room. Putting them in doesn't hurt. After for a moment while it may ache for a time because it's spreading your teeth wider (expanding the space between). But it's not too bad.

If what I'm explaining is different consequently what you were told consequently they will explain what to do and just ask question if you still don't understand.

As far as clear braces, first check to see if you a runner for them. I wanted to budge that way but my orthodontist suggested against it. They are not as strong as the metal ones.

Hope this help!

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