Absessed Tooth?

ok i got surrounded by absessed tooth and my cheek is swoling and im goin to the dentist today or tomerro and i was wondering if he pulls it out today or tomerro will my cheek be not swolling on monday incentive proms on monday

he won't pull it out while its absessed you enjoy to take antibiotics until the absess go away also if the cheek swelling is real desperate he might put in tubes to drain your cheeks (that's what they did for me)
I seriously doubt if he/she will verbs it if it is abcessed. You will most likely be put on antibiotics for a week or ten days to rid your body of infection, next they will schedule it to be pulled. It is totally dangerous to verbs an abcessed tooth.
swelling will go down vigorous
do it fast you can die from this if you depart the infection too long.
most dentist don't pull your teeth when they are abscessed because it can dispatch the infection through your body they generally pass you antibiotics until the infection is gone then refer you to an oral surgeon
Usually the dentist give you an antibiotic first to get rid of the infection up to that time he will pull it out. My consciousness is that Novocain won't work with an infection and antibiotics so to be precise why the infection has to be cleared up up to that time the tooth is pulled. I would think if you are already on med. he would verbs it and the swelling should go down. Also if you are simply on medication it should go down by Monday. Please pocket all of you medication for the infection. I know a 22 year matured that had an abscessed tooth that lead to an infection in his heart and died.

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