Any anyone one know a angelic road to whiten teeth?

Does anyone know any HOME REMEDIES for whitten teeth? I heaed something ine time about hydr-peroxide. duliting it or somrthing... If anyone have any good thinking please let me know! I brush & floss at 3x year so my teeth are clean, but not as white as they should.

Thanks surrounded by Advance

I had my teeth lasered and they come out brilliant., but its expensive . My son had his whitened by using a generic drug store brand teeth whitening apparatus, and his teeth came out basically as white as the laser. So U could do the same, I regard as my son used a Duane Reade whitening kit. It have 14 trays 7 for top teeth 7 for bottom, and all U enjoy to do is to put them on for about 20 minutes at darkness for a week, and U will see results. Good Luck
I really do not know of any home remedies and have hear that hydroperixide is not good for prolonged use. I really love the Crest Whitestrips and you can achieve a $7 off coupon for them. My dentist say they are good. I found my coupon here below the grocery coupon section :)
Mix peroxide next to some baking soda and make a fasten out of it. brush with this for a week or so.
but i dont recommend doing it everyday for long period of time.
b/c peroxide makes teeth terrifically sensitive
and if you already have sensitive teeth and gums it can explanation ulcers.
doing this for a week or so, every 6 months is okay, and help to get the tarter and stains stale your teeth, making your teeth look brighter and whiter
Brush 2 times a day they speak 3 but damn that crap hurts. says the tooth stick that says for cavity,plague,gum diease etc and they much have the crystals within them.
free n proven in my hsehold - charcoal ash
Rinsing your mouth a few times a light of day with reheat salt hose down, or baking soda mixed with dampen usually works.

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