An abscess??

I am in soooo much dull pain right now, I own a toothache that is constantly throbbing and my cheek is a bit this a possible abscess?? I am have never be in this much agony!

As a dentist myself it sounds like you enjoy an abscess on your hands. An infected tooth, or abscess as they are call are extremely painful and will inevitability antibiotic therapy. PLEASE see a Dentist or lift a trip to your local ER as soon as possible as this CANNOT be fixed on its own and there are NO home remedies that will cure this tooth, you stipulation a dental professional immediately. Antibiotics and dull pain medication that the Doctor will prescribe will eventually help the tooth quieten down infected but once you stop antibiotics the infection WILL return and is usually much more painful the second time around. Infection from an abscess tooth can spread to the throat cause an airway obstruction and can spread to the heart and brain and explanation very severe problems and sometimes brutal complications. PLEASE see a dentist in your nouns to discuss treatment as this can become extremely painful. Try taking Motrin (ibuprofen) for affliction, this will help shrink swelling and will also help control niggle. Also try using COLD compresses, do NOT use heat as this can end in the infection to worsen and spread and become more painful. Please see a dentist or ER physician ASAP. Good luck!
I own had them 3 times and consent to me tell you they hurt resembling hell. You need to carry rid of that infection asap and get to the dentist so they can do the root waterway and crown. You will be thanking them contained by a few days when you can't swallow or speak because your jaw is so swollen. I can update you that I would much rather offer birth or go thru any nature of pain than the stomach-ache of a tooth. Think of how many nerves are surrounded by there. I am hurting a short time ago thinking about it right in a minute. People that keep putting sour going to the dentist will only own to pay more to enjoy their teeth fixed in the train.
make an emergency appointment beside your dentist tomorrow, they will bring you in that morning and get you out of misery, they will take an x stream give you antibiotics and backache meds..nobody should have to business with that anguish:( im sooo sorry but it sounds like you entail a root canal..patients that come contained by my office beside that type of pain usually necessitate one..its probably infected so they will probably get you started on antibiotics and agony meds and than possably get started contained by the next call round..feel better:)

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