Bad breath??

my best friend has really discouraging breath and he asked me how to make it smell run of the mill but i have no clue can some one please share me how to get better smelling breath

Bad breath is cause often because you haven't brushed and flossed very well .If you don't keep teeth and gums free of the bacterial buildup, they'll start to bring odor as the bacteria rot spare food particles within your mouth. A few seeds of cardamom chewed for a brief while will clear your mouth of discouraging breath. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. More adjectives remedies at
Brush your teeth tick tacks mints Listerine etc.
give an account your friend to brush his/her tongue as well as the teeth. "Bad breath bacteria" is regularly located on the tongue, or so I've heard.
Tell him to floss and label sure he brushes his tongue also. He needs to attain his teeth cleaned every 6 months with an exam. He may hold a cavity or cavities.
your friend can buy a small tube of G-U-M FRESH-R
it is a breath gel that you brush on you tongue after regular teeth brushing and you are apt until the next time you devour
It may be a medical issue. Tell him/her to see a internest
Tell him to brush his teeth,floss,and use mouth wash.
Besides brushing and flossing and mouth swab,he should see a dentist. He might have a musty tooth or gum problems, these could cause a smell. When you hold gingivitis, it causes the gums to bring back infected and to smell, you may have to see a periodontist to check your gums-if your dentist sends you. Also within some cases it could be a stomach problem and the smell is coming from the stomach or intestines. If the brushing, flossing and mouth wash is not doing the trick you should catch checked out.
tell him to stop rimming your ***!
ably well okay... first up of all recount him to brush teeth properly
secondly clean the toungue beside the toungue cleaner
thirdly if he has any constipation pblem share him to prevent it..
if he is anaemic ...recover from it
concluding have a proper suspended diet
eat green salads on a daily basis ...drink lot of water..
verbs the mouth as and when you feel that it is stinking
Does he know where on earth his bad breath comes from...? If brushing, flossing and mouthwash isn't plenty, perhaps it may be his diet, or other internal problems to be exact causing his dilemma. Have him checked by a doctor for a check up.

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